Aromatic Shower Steamers

Aromatic Shower Steamers are meant for the shower ONLY!  
The steamer is deposited on the floor, as far as possible from water stream and drain. When entering the shower, quickly splash it with a little water  to activate the aromas.  The water droplets and steam generated by the shower will be sufficient to maintain the aroma afterwards.  
A shower steamer will last around 1-2 showers as long as it is not sitting in water, or under direct water stream.  Our aromatic shower steamers are scented with essential oils. These are NOT meant to be used in a bath.  The essential oil concentration is a higher to allow the quick release of aromas as showers are usually short.
If you have allergies, please let us know before ordering. We will be happy to direct your selection to an appropriate product.

Word of Caution: Aromatic Shower Steamers are NOT products for young children.  It is recommended that users are at least 12 years old.  It is important to understand that essential oils and menthol are potent ingredients.  Wash your hands immediately after handling your steamer as essential oils might transfer to your hands when taking them out of their wrapper. In the event you have touched your face or other delicate body parts before washing your hands, immediately apply some vegetable oil on the area.  Seek medical attention if required.