Artisan Soaps

We sure love chemistry!  Creating Soap is always such a fun process...
Simply put, oils and butters (fatty acids) are chosen based on their cleansing / conditioning properties.  Once melted, they  are blended with a sodium hydroxide solution to produce a reaction called saponification.  The process may takes up to 48 hours to complete. Once completed, the soap no longer contains sodium hydroxide. The newly created soap is naturally rich in skin loving glycerin.  
Most of our formulations use the cold process method.  We select oils and butters carefully for their properties, then add skin loving elements to achieve the perfect soap bar.
Even though soap can be safely used once the saponification is completed, a curing period of 4 to 6 weeks is observed prior to being offered to the public. This rest is beneficial as water evaporates leaving a hard, longer lasting soap bar. 
Just like a good wine, soap gets better with time!
Enjoy the aromatic benefits of pure essential oils, or fragrances in our artisan soaps.  
We also offer a selection of unscented soaps for the comfort of people with allergies or intolerance to scents.

When we started making soap, we decided  to create soaps that took in consideration vegan, vegetarian and traditional lifestyles.  
We are sometimes asked why we have a selection of soaps created with milks or animal fats.  The answer is simple. This is how our grandmothers used to make soap!  The use of animal fat is the traditional way of making soap.  Rendered animal fat is far less processed that most vegetable oils on the market.  It makes a hard soap bar, and leaves the skin super soft!  We also believe that when an animal is processed, it should not  be wasted.  Let's make soap!