Bath Bombs

Whether you are a bath or a shower person, we have you covered!

A bath bomb is meant to be used in the tub.  Our bath bombs are scented with essential oils or fragrances to provide a greater selection.  We carry 12 scents at all time, some scents will rotate with the seasons. Bold colours will colour the bath water, but will not stain your tub as we use water soluble bath bomb colours only.

Interesting fact: More than 40% of our Bath Bomb Lovers are men!

We are often told that our Mini Bs are the perfect size!
Parents love being able to control the quantity used in their little one's shallow bath. Adults love to mix and match scents creating their own signature scents. 

Toy Bombs inventory will vary during the year. The incentive of finding a figurine in their Bath Bombs will usually convince children to hop in the tub! Keep an eye on the selection as it can change at a moment's notice!

We offer Novelty Bomb for special events, holidays, and just because...

Always start with a clean tub as color may tint soap scum residues on the side of the tub.  Add water to your bath, hop in and release your selected Bath Bomb.  It is a one time use, so settle down, watch it fizz and bubble away! The fresh aroma and a coloured bath water are quite relaxing.

Use caution when entering and exiting the tub as it may be slippery. Rinse the tub with hot water after use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.  
Please read the ingredients list carefully, if you have known allergies!