Skin is our largest organ.  It loves to be exfoliated of its dead skin cells. A good exfoliation leaves us with soft skin and a radiant glow. 
We have chosen to use sugar as an exfoliant agent as it is gentle to the skin and will not sting if you have any healing scratches or razor nicks. 

​Never used a Sugar Scrub?

Sugar Scrubs can be used on hands, rough areas, and/or the entire body.

We recommend getting your body wet in the shower, stop the water,
and massage a small portion of our Sugar Scrub on your skin in a circular motion. 

Scrub from the extremities towards the heart: 

From the toes up and the fingers in;
The belly gets massaged in a clockwise motion (from right to left);
Don’t forget your back!  You’re going to love this!
A good rinse and you’re done
No lotion required!

 A little goes a long way! A light aroma will remain on your skin after it is rinsed off. 
Note:  Sugar Scrubs are for external use only.
We have two formulations: a lighter one for summer and a more nourishing one for winter.

Individual needs being so unique, your skin might prefer the same scrub all year round.