My family and I are of Acadian descendance.  While Acadians’ history has sometimes been tumultuous, the Acadian spirit has endured, and our roots grew deep.  L’Acadie is more than just a location.  It is our cultural identity that keeps us connected to our people.  

Acadians will tell you that wherever their journey leads them, l’Acadie is within them. 
The Atlantic ocean runs in our veins, and we welcome in the Northwest winds as an old friend. 

L’Acadie is engraved in our hearts.  She is our anchor.



It was important for us that our logo represented our heritage and values. 

The three hearts: Blue, White and Red  and the golden star are a variation of the Acadian Flag. 

It is also a representation of our 3 sons, the next Acadian generation...

We are proud to be the